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Call for applicants to the GEM-STONES PhD fellowships 2016

The European Joint Doctorate on Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism- Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks, and European Strategies (GEM-STONES) is awarding up to 15 full-time 3-year PhD Fellowships dealing with the EU’s capacity to provide purposeful complex regime management on a global scale. In regional studies an open call is extended to graduates for a PhD position in International Relations and Comparative Regionalism in three programs, “Comparing Responsibility to Protect Diffusion in Regional Organisations: The EU, ECOWAS, UNASUR and the ASEAN Regional Forum”, “Comparing Overlapping Regional Security Institutions and the role of the European Union’s External Action ” and “Comparing Competing forms of Regionalism and their Impact on Regionalism”.

The deadline for applications is the 15th September 2016. Follow the links for further information regarding the fellowships available as well as application procedures and contact information. For more information on the other GEM-STONES fellowships on offer see their web page here.



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