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Evaluating ‘home grown’ research networks in Africa.

GovInn’s Senior Researcher Camilla Adelle published together with Nico Elema, Ereck Chakauya and David Benson the article ” Evaluating ‘home grown’ research networks in Africa” in the South African Journal of Science.


Attempts to improve the policy environment have led to a growing pressure on governments in Africa to embark on policymaking that is more evidence based and considers a wide spectrum of scientific and indigenous knowledge. Local – or ‘homegrown’ – research networks on the continent can help strengthen the role of scientific knowledge in policymaking by increasing the capacity of researchers and by enhancing the visibility and communication of the research produced. While a large number of regional and sub-regional research networks have sprung up in Africa, the mere existence of networks does not guarantee their success. In reality, the impact of research networks on the science-policy interface depends on how well the networks operate in practice. We present a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of research networks in a way that is comparable across networks.




Read the full article here: https://www.sajs.co.za/article/view/4814


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