Lise Pretorius

Lise Pretorius
Lise Pretorius planting a tree in Bhutan

Associate Fellow


Lise Pretorius joined GovInn as an associate fellow in January 2015 and is involved with the centre’s work on new economic governance.  As an environmental economist by training (but an ecological economist at heart) Lise is interested in the role of investment in creating systemic change, as well as the potential for “beyond GDP” measures of progress to create an economic model more capable of dealing with 21st century challenges.

Lise’s has worked on a variety of projects around the topic of sustainable investment in South Africa and the UK.   She was also previously a senior writer (energy and sustainability) at the Financial Mail, and was awarded the South African National Energy Association journalism award in 2012 for advancing the understanding of energy issues in South Africa.

Lise obtained her BComm Honours degree in economics from the University of Cape Town and her MSc in Environmental Economics from the London School of Economics.   She recently spent six months working for WWF in Bhutan, a trip inspired by an interest in Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness – an example of Beyond GDP in practice.

Lise is passionate about people, traveling, and mountains, and is slowly becoming more knowledgeable about good wine.



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