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Rural employment and agricultural models

GovInn was involved in a Conference – Debate organised by the European Parliament in Brussels on May 10th, 2017, on the strong linkages between agricultural development and job creation, notably for youth.

With between 50 to 70{4b05898ae60f9b5e2d93b69cb2027f6f0d06dfa7d8f8611bbe8472c2532adfa6} of the labour force engaged in agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa, depending on the country and region (with a few exceptions), agriculture will remain a major sector for income generating activities and employment.

For the 240 million rural youth entering the labour market by 2030 in the sub-continent, different agricultural models will have different impacts on employment; and policy makers must tailor adequate public policies in accordance with the local challenges.

GovInn’s co-director, Bruno Losch, prepared a poster  with Fati N’zi-Hassane, Chief of Staff of NEPAD Executive Secretary and Head of NEPAD’s Human Capital Development Programme, Jérémy Bourgoin and Denis Pesche (Cirad). The poster was presented by Dr. N’zi-Hassane after her lecture.


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