ARTICLE: “Why the African Union has failed to ‘silence the guns’. And some solutions”, The Conversation, 30 June 2020

On 30 June 2020, GovInn Director Dr Chris Nshimbi published an article for The Conversation titled “Why the African Union has failed to ‘silence the guns’. And some solutions”. The article examines the 2013 African Union agreement to remove the burden of conflict from the next generation, and in 2016 this agreement was included in the Lusaka Road Map, with 2020 set as the deadline for ending conflict on the continent.

At the time of the declaration, Africa had disproportionately high levels of conflict. State and non-state actors in Africa waged about 630 armed conflicts between 1990 and 2015. Conflicts orchestrated by non-state actors accounted for over 75% of conflicts globally.

The efforts to ‘silence the guns’ has been singularly ineffective. Since the pledge was signed conflict in Africa has increased.

One reason for the failure is that the 2020 goal was too ambitious given the number of conflicts on the continent. The second reason is that many are internal, arising from the grievances citizens have with their governments. This internal dynamic appears to have been ignored from the outset.


You can read the full article on The Conversation website.