‘Of Borders and Fortresses: Attitudes Towards Immigrants from the SADC Region in South Africa as a Critical Factor in the Integration of Southern Africa’, by Chris Nshimbi and Inocent Moyo, 22.11.2017

GovInn’s Co-Director Chris Nshimbi published together with Inocent Moyo the article ‘Of Borders and Fortresses: Attitudes Towards Immigrants from the SADC Region in South Africa as a Critical Factor in the Integration of Southern Africa‘ in the Journal of Borderlands Studies.

South Africa attracts migrants from other parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas. However, the immigration debate within the country apparently revolves around immigrants from the other parts of Africa, including the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, and projects them as undesirable in a way best interpreted as discriminatory and exclusionary. This paper argues that this, coupled with South Africa’s immigration legislation, policies and practices amounts to forms of bordering and exclusion that starkly contradict the country and its neighbor’s aspirations for a regionally integrated Southern Africa. As one of the few SADC member states that have ratified the 2005 Draft Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of Persons in the SADC, immigrants and cross-border movers from the SADC region ought to be treated well in South Africa. Not doing so militates against the goal of an integrated Southern Africa and the commitments South Africa has made to the continental agenda of establishing an African Economic Community.

Read the whole article here: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/GGgSkyGkFFPiwbDV2X7C/full

Chris Nshimbi at Channel Africa on the East African Commission, 11.11.2017

GovInn’s Co-Director Chris Nshimbi got interviewed by Channel Africa on the East African Commission.

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Fees Commission’s report and the Presidency include Director Fioramonti’s take on Fees Must Fall, 13.11.2017

The Presidency acknowledges the contributions of GovInn’s Director Lorenzo Fioramonti in the Fees Commission’s report through a press release this Monday 13th of November. In his contribution, Prof. Fioramonti proposes a model for student’s loans.


Read the press release here.

Read the report here.

‘The Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) in Africa – A Human Rights Perspective’, by Chris Nshimbi

GovInn Deputy Director, Chris Nshimbi, working with an international team of researchers and experts has published the first ex-ante assessment of the proposed African continental free trade area (CFTA), using the HRIA (human rights impact assessment) tool. Chris brings to the team expertise on the informal economy, with a dedicated contribution on informal cross-border trade. The report provides nine evidence-based policy recommendations for negotiators of the CFTA.




Follow the link to access the report.

Chris Nshimbi at the African Research Universities Alliance Launch conference, Ghana, 03-04.04.

GovInn Deputy Director Chris Nshimbi accompanied the University of Pretoria Vice Chancellor, Prof Cheryl de la Ray, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, Professor Burton and other colleagues to the Africa Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Launch Conference at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana. The inaugural conference was a tremendous success from an academic and research collaboration perspective. Dr Nshimbi spoke at the conference on the current state of affairs and the way forward for the governance of migration in Africa’s regional economic communities.

Please find the abstract of the presented paper below.

Nshimbi_Abstract_ARUA Conference

Chris Nshimbi