African Union–EU Relations, Regional Partnerships for Actorness in Effective Global Governance (AUROROA)

About the project

 GovInn and the European Studies Association of Sub-Saharan Africa (ESA-SSA) in the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and Carleton University, Canada, are pleased to announce that we have been granted funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union for our Jean Monnet Project ‘African Union–EU relations, regional partnerships for actorness in effective global governance’ (AURORA).


This project seeks to explore ways to increase diversity within the field of European Studies, in particular with regards to the ethnicity, disciplinary focus and geographical location of its participants.

Through a series of events, research collaborations and publications, the project aims to:

Gather scholars from diverse intellectual disciplines, professionals and practitioners to examine regional trade agreements, the African Continental Free Trade Area and Africa’s engagement with the EU in international affairs

Draw lessons and parallels from across Africa and, chiefly, European Political Cooperation, which became a region engaged in global affairs with unified external policy reflected in, among others, the Lisbon Treaty

Consolidate international networks to add value and provide comparative knowledge on free trade areas, especially from the EU.

AURORA prides itself in introducing local students to the African Union, European Union and regionalism and increasing the level of their engagement in African Union, European Union and regionalism issues to ensure continuity into the future.

Project Coordinators

Chris Nshimbi, University of Pretoria; Samuel Oloruntoba, Institute of African Studies (IAS), Carleton University; Hany Besada, Institute of African Studies (IAS), Carleton University; Dickson Ajisafe, University of Pretoria

Project partners

University of Pretoria; Carleton University

Erasmus+ Programme

The project is supported by Jean Monnet Activities within the Erasmus+ Programme

Project Number – 621325-EPP-1-2020-1-ZA-EPPJMO-PROJECT

EU-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order (ERGO)

European Union – Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order (ERGO) is a research activity carried out as a Jean Monnet Project with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Africa has enjoyed a new prominence in the 21st century. Institutions such as the African Union have capitalised on this status by broadening relations with the result of the world, including members of the rising Global South. Questions have subsequently been asked about the continued relevance of relations with the Global North in a seemingly changing global order. For some people, the EU and its Member States represent a past order, while partnerships with emerging powers China, India and Brazil represent the future. Yet this assumption is not a given. What is more certain is that we are in a state of flux which has challenged Africa’s relationships, new and old. The impetus here is, therefore, to “re-examine” EU-Africa relations in this changing global order. The objective of this proposed project is to bring together top academics, policy makers and political observers to explore how EU-Africa relations can best be understood today in light of a changing global order, highlighting innovations and challenges, and how the partnership can be updated in key areas such as security, trade, migration, development of climate change. Particular focus will be placed on engaging ‘African voices’ – hitherto the least present voices in the debate on EU-Africa relations. ERGO’s main activities were two international workshops as well as a larger one-day open conference, all held in Pretoria. These brought together academics, students, policymakers, practitioners, stakeholders and other members of civil society from across the continent and beyond.

The key outputs are published as a special issue of the South African Journal of International Affairs as well as in a number of policy-relevant publications. The project was carried out with the European Studies Association of Sub-Saharan Africa (ESA-SSA) and served to promote the Jean Monnet Programme and EU studies across Africa.

Project number: 574837-EPP-1-2016-1-ZA-EPPJMO-PROJECT


ERGO Policy Day 29 November 2017








ERGO First workshop programme July 2017
ERGO Second Workshop November 2017
EU Africa Policy Day programme Nov 29 2017