Sara Mercandalli

Senior Research Fellow


Sara Mercandalli

Sara Mercandalli

Sara is a researcher from CIRAD seconded to GovInn since 2015. She is a development economist, specialized  in agriculture and rural development and holds a PhD in economics from the University Paris XI.

In recent years, her research focused on labor migration and rural households’ livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa looking in particular at the migration development nexus and policy implication in the context of sub-Saharan demo-economic transition. More recently, she has been expanding her research angle towards issues related to employment and structural change in rural areas, with a public policy analysis focus.

Before joining GovInn, she worked in Latin America and Africa as a project manager in fields such as institutional strengthening of the agricultural sector, agricultural extension and integrated rural development.

Within GovInn, Sara contributes to the axis on the Governance of the Commons and Transboundary Governance.


Research interests

  • Labor migration
  • Rural employment
  • Structural transformation
  • Rural development policy in Southern Africa




Determinants and drivers of migration in Africa (MIGRAFRICA) 



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