YEBO! Project

The University of Pretoria and CIRAD, thanks to their long-term collaboration with CEEPA and GovInn, are partners of the Yebo! project on the internationalization of doctoral studies in South Africa.

The ‘Yebo’ Erasmus+ project ( was launched in October 2017 and will end in November 2020. Seven South African and five European Universities compose the consortium. Montpellier University is the project leader.

The project aims to achieve:

  • the improvement of the skills of south-African universities concerning the internationalization of PhD Studies;
  • to facilitate access to information concerning funding, mobility, and administrative procedures of PhD programs;
  • the increase of PhD students and staff trained in the internationalization of the PhD studies;
  • to promote the internationalization of PhD studies in South Africa and Europe.

Because of its strong experience and enduring partnership with South African Universities and higher education institutions, Cirad is part of the Yebo Experts Committee.


Stefano Farolfi ( Montpellier

Damien Jourdain (, Univeristy of Pretoria

Dickson Ajisafe

Dickson Ajisafe at the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association magazine

Dickson Ajisafe

ESA-SSA and the University of Pretoria’s very own Dickson Ajisafe has returned to South Africa after successfully completing a postgraduate research exchange year at the University of Konstanz in Germany. Dickson left his mark on Europe, swiftly achieving a number of firsts, including as first Nigerian scholar to be awarded an Erasmus+ international scholarship to study in Europe, as well as the first African to be a member of several working groups attached to the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA). Such has been his contribution to Erasmus+, that the ESAA magazine has dedicated its feature article to Dickson’s story. Bravo Mr Ajisafe!

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