‘Food sovereignty: shifting debates on democratic food governance’, by Koen Dekeyser and Lorenzo Fioramonti, 26.01.2018

GovInn’s fellow Koen Dekeyser and Director Lorenzo Fioramonti published, together with Lise Korsten, the article ‘Food sovereignty: shifting debates on democratic food governance‘ in the journal Food Security.

This article develops the concept of food sovereignty while it critically reflects on its present status and future trajectories. The concept of food sovereignty provides an alternative framework for solutions to the human and ecological consequences of industrial food systems. While the concept of food sovereignty gains traction at international levels, including at the United Nations, its lack of conceptual clarity contributes to a variety of often diverging interpretations. This frequently constrains practical implementation and weakens its potential as an alternative paradigm to food governance. At the same time, food sovereignty thought is shifting beyond its initial agrarian focus to embrace whole food systems, which includes the role of consumers and urban areas.

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