Visual Representation of Lorenzo Fioramonti's LENS address

On August 11 2016, GovInn Director Lorenzo Fioramonti gave the keynote address at the annual LENS Design for Sustainable Service-Product Systems and Distributed Economies workshop, held in Stellenbosch.

The event seeks to unite two aspirational developments – that of Design for Sustainability, as applied in Distributed Economies. The seminar’s final outcome is to see how these concepts could be included in curricula at HEI’s.

The picture shown is a visual representation of Professor Fioramonti’s address.

Visual Representation of Lorenzo Fioramonti's LENS address

Visual Representation of Lorenzo Fioramonti’s LENS address

For more imformation about the event, view the invitation posted on the GovInn website or visit LENSin Project website.

Network of Wellbeing

Lorenzo Fioramonti, director of the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, gave a lecture on wellbeing & GDP in Totnes, UK, to the Network of Wellbeing.


Ecological Society of America

The Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation  director Lorenzo Fioramonti published a guest editorial in the Ecological Society of America, titled ‘The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the dynamics of well-being’, with Robert Costanza and Ida Kubiszewski.