Land Matrix on ARTE (28.02.15)

On 28 February 2015 at 6.30pm (Pretoria time) the Franco-German TV station ARTE will broadcast the documentary,"Terres arables : un marché pas comme les autres" (Arable lands: a market like no other) featuring the data and the work of Land Matrix. The documentary, avaiable in French and German,

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Strategies for sustainable wellbeing: Lorenzo Fioramonti at the Global Wellbeing Lab 2.0

The Global Wellbeing Lab 2.0 officially kicked off with a two day workshop in Berlin (Germany) in early February 2015. The Lab aims to shift institutions beyond the pursuit of narrowly measured parameters of economic progress (such as growth) to broader aims that translate into sustainable wellbein

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30 years of ZOPACAS: Formation, Limits and Potential

When it comes to the current changes in the global order, the themes of maritime security, interregionalism, and South-South cooperation pose serious challenges in assessing their relevance and impact. The South Atlantic represents a unique research setting for these themes, as it constitutes a c

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2015 Africa Prosperity Summit: Promoting Wealth and Wellbeing

An interesting event for those who, like us at GovInn, are researching new economic paradigms. The 2015 Africa Prosperity Summit: Promoting Wealth and Wellbeing, promoted by the Legatum Institute with the support of the Ford Foundation, is taking place in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on 20-21 May 2015

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Call for applications: 1-year scholarships in policy analysis, governance and development

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS The Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC), in collaboration with GovInn – The Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, the Post-Graduate School of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural development of the Univ

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Redistribution the only way to stop the downward spiral - Business Day 21.01.2015

This week on Business Day, South Africa’s leading business newspaper, GovInn director Lorenzo Fioramonti -drawing conclusions on Piketty's research - discusses why redistribution is the only way to tackle inequalities in South Africa and worldwide: will the WEF listen? "One does not need a doctor

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How can governance evolve and innovate?

Can current crises become opportunities to re-think our social, political and economic governance?

Man pushing planet

The Centre for Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn) is the first research institution in Africa dedicated entirely to governance innovation.

It focuses not only on cutting-edge research, but it is also an ‘innovation laboratory’ capable of generating new thinking about governance and development as well as attract innovators from all over the world.
In short, GovInn is an intellectual ‘inn’ for innovation in the 21st century.

At GovInn we focus on:

  • NEW ECONOMY: Alternative development approaches and new metrics of economic performance and well-being
  • GOVERNANCE OF THE COMMONS: land, food, water, energy, agriculture and natural resources
  • REGIONALISM FROM BELOW: regional integration, civil society, migration and human development
  • HUMAN SECURITY: livelihoods, people’s centred development and creative conflict transformation



Measuring the Enabling Environment of Civil Society: A Global Capability Index

Measuring the Enabling Environment of Civil Society: A Global Capability Index VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations April 2015, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp 466-487 Lorenzo Fioramonti, Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, Department of Political Sciences, U

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Channel Africa SABC

Towards an African passport?

From Channel Africa, SABC "With the new conversation of regional and continental integration, as a new agenda aspired by the African Union. The conversation includes the idea of an African passport is one that may take centre stage in the near future. With Successes of the East African Community w

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AUDIO: Lorenzo Fioramonti on Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Loane Sharp (Economist at the Free Market Foundation) and GovInn Director Lorenzo Fioramonti discuss their divergent views on Thomas Piketty's highly influential Capital in the Twenty-First Century on 702 Talk Radio. Listen to the full conversation (broadcast on 15 december 2015) below:

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VIDEO Rising economic inequality casts a shadow on the WEF -SABC

Rising economic inequality continues to cast a shadow over the World Economic Forum, says GovInn director Lorenzo Fioramonti in a live interview on SABC news (22 January 2015). Oxfam set the tone earlier this week in a report timed to the start of the Davos conference: it estimated that the combine

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“Creating a More Egalitarian Society: introduction to the LEDDA partnership

“Creating a More Egalitarian Society”, by John Boik:  an introduction to the LEDDA framework and the LEDDA Partnership. Houston, 7.12.14

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Presentations from Beyond GDP in Africa: Innovative ideas for a regional dashboard

On 28-29 October 2014, GovInn, in partnership with the Sustainability Institute,  hosted a workshop that brought together academics and practitioners from statistical offices from Sub-Saharan Africa to identify practical solutions to measure well being and prosperity and move beyond numerical indi

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What is governance innovation?
The term 'governance' indicates the complexity of decision-making processes in contemporary political and economic affairs. As opposed to the more traditional 'government', the idea of governance presupposes a fragmentation and diffusion of authority. Due to economic, social and cultural dynamics, no government nowadays can simply govern 'alone'. It is bound to share 'bits and pieces' of authority with other entities, from non-governmental organizations to regional institutions and private corporations. READ MORE

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