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  • “Getting real about measuring up”, The Mercury, 18 November 2015
Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti at the meeting "Measurement of Wellbeing and Development in Africa"

“Getting real about measuring up”, The Mercury, 18 November 2015

Read about GovInn Director Lorenzo Fioramonti’s participation in “Measuring Well-being and Development in Africa” discussion, as written by Colleen Dardagan for The Mercury.

ICHIRA Tambo, who heads Japan’s International Co-operation Agency Research Institute, tells this story: “When I was a college student 35 years ago, I worked in facilitation, co-ordination and interpretation for development country participants in a training programme in Tokyo on underground water development.

“The students bought many electronic devices such as radios, televisions, calculators and phones. These were gifts for their families and friends back home. But there was one exception. An Ethiopian engineer did not buy anything. One day, I asked him why.

“I said: ‘Ethiopia is a poor country and your family waits for you and your gifts.’

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