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Transformation demands universities rethink their role

Fioramonti, Lorenzo (with GDPbook 6)

In his latest piece, Lorenzo Fioramonti, GovInn director, provides further insight into the recent student movements that have taken place at universities across the country over the past year, highlighting the structural challenges that continue to underlie many of these institutions.

THE student protests mushrooming across SA in recent weeks reveal a profound malaise in SA’s higher education institutions.

#Feesmustfall is just the latest manifestation of a deeper discontent that has been making headlines at least since the #Rhodesmustfall movement earlier this year. The uprisings underlie a pervasive dissatisfaction with the role of universities in our society that will endure for as long as we refuse to address questions of transformation, equality and opportunity.

For many protesters, this is “a battle of ideas” that aims to “decolonise” education. The intersection of social, racial and class dimensions, epitomised by the slogans “black lives matter” and “we have had enough”, is not incidental. Students demand radical change that can be attained only if universities rethink their role in society.”

Read the full article on Business Day, 27.10.2015

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