Cori Wielenga

Senior Research Fellow

Cori Wielenga holds a PhD in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies from the University of KwaZulu Natal. Her research interest is in reconciliation, transitional justice, and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa. Her research initially focused on the intersection between national and community level reconciliation in Rwanda and South Africa but now more broadly includes emerging reconciliation processes across the continent.

Cori Wielenga presenting at a conference

Cori Wielenga

Cori has traveled to Rwanda and Burundi for fieldwork almost annually since 2005 and has been involved in a local NGO in Rwanda, Shalom Educating for Peace.

Research interests:
  • Transboundary governance
  • Regional transitional justice,  reconciliation policy and regionalism in Africa
  • Competing reconciliation and transitional justice norms in Africa
  • Discourse analysis of reconciliation in peace agreements, constitutions and documents that guide transitional justice mechanisms in Africa


The potential for regional transitional justice and reconciliation policy in Africa

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