GovInn in Groundbreaking seminar on Policy Coherence for Development



GovInn, as part of the Consortium for Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (RISC), participated in a groundbreaking seminar at the West Africa Institute (WAI) in Praia, Cape Verde, organized by the RISC Working group on Development, Equity and Policy Coherence; to analyze Normative Coherence for Development and Inter-regionalism. Deputy Director, Chris Nshimbi, represented GovInn at the seminar, which was coordinated by Prof. Lauri Siitonen (University of Helsinki) and Prof. Harlan Koff (University of Luxembourg), and held on April 27 and 28, 2016. Participants focused on normative development frameworks in different world regions including ECOWAS, SADC, ASEAN and the Andean Community of Nations and examined whether or not the EU respects them in inter-regional relations.