ON THE RADIO: Why the AU has failed to silence the guns, Voice of the Cape

On 6 July 2020, GovInn Director Dr Chris Nshimbi spoke to Shafiq Morton on Voice of the Cape Radio about his article published by The Conversation on “Why the African Union has failed to ‘silence the guns’. And some solutions”.

Seven years ago African leaders committed themselves to working towards an end to armed conflict.
As they marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the African Union, thy pledged to ensure lasting peace on the continent.
At the time of the declaration, Africa had disproportionately high levels of conflict.
So why has the African Union failed to silence the guns? And what are the solutions?
On line is Director and Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Governance and Innovation (GovInn) at the University of Pretoria, Christopher Changwe Nshimbi.