Pierre Girard

Junior Research Fellow
Pierre arrived at GovInn in august 2016 as a PhD student in Economics. He works on youth and rural employment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based on a comparative approach between Zambia and Senegal, he tries to understand how are evolving the institutions governing the strategies and behaviors of young people looking for income generating activities and their consequences on structural change on the continent.

His PhD is funded by CIRAD and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation is supervised by Prof. Sandrine Michel (University of Montpellier in France), Bruno Losch and Sara Mercandalli (CIRAD – GovInn researchers).

Pierre holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Development from AgroParisTech and INP-ENSAT in France. Before its PhD, he worked during six years for the Foundation for World Agriculture and Rurality in Paris where he was in charge of managing projects with farmer’s organizations in West Africa. He advised these organizations in developing services to their farmers (supplying, collective marketing, extension services, etc.). In these projects, Pierre strengthened the links between farmer’s organizations and the research through the implementation of agroecological experimentations. During these six years, he spent two years in Burkina Faso and traveled in several West-African countries.

Research interests

  • Youth
  • Rural employment
  • Labor markets
  • Structural change
  • Governance of the commons


You can find a list of his research publications here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Pierre_Girard2


Email: pierre.girard@cirad.fr