Growth – the good, the bad and the ugly, St Gallen Symposium, 11-13 May 2016

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Between 11 – 13th of May, junior researcher Koen Dekeyser was invited to debate the alternatives to economic growth at the 46th St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland. The St Gallen Symposium is a yearly meeting of young academics, entrepreneurs, market and political leaders. Around 100 young academics were selected on about 900 essays, in which Koen got invited with his writing titled ‘Cooperation outcompetes competition’. During the three days, the current social and ecological impacts of growth, both the good and the bad, were debated together with the future direction of economic growth/degrowth. Speakers included Dambisa Moyo and Tim Jackson, amongst others.

Gross Domestic Problem on Italian TV

Lorenzo Fioramonti, GovInn director, interviewed by Sky TV in Italy on his film Gross Domestic Fraud (Presi per il PIL), which won the 2015 edition of the French film Festival de Recherche et Development Durable in Toulouse

Beyond GDP documentary wins the Jury Prize at FReDD film festival

“Presi per il PIL”, a documentary by Stefano Cavallotto, Andrea Bertaglio and Lorenzo Fioramonti won the Jury Prize at the FReDD Film festival in Toulouse, France. The FReDD (Film, Recherche et Developpement Durable) selects the most interesting productions on sustainable development. “Presi per il PIL” won thanks to its positive approach:

The Jury wished to honour a positive movie, which brings solutions to the energy issues. The director met with  emerging realities and groups who work to reconstruct society while disregarding GDP. GDP is the parameter of a destructive growth: Growth leads to individualism while de-growth leads to sharing.”

Watch the trailer here:

Read the news on FReDD website (French) 

Charles Eisenstein

Gallery: Charles Eisenstein at GovInn

American author and de-growth activist Charles Eisenstein visited GovInn in August 2014. Eisenstein is known worldwide for his original writing and his criticism of the monetary system and of the patenting of seeds.