‘Food sovereignty: shifting debates on democratic food governance’, by Koen Dekeyser and Lorenzo Fioramonti, 26.01.2018

GovInn’s fellow Koen Dekeyser and Director Lorenzo Fioramonti published, together with Lise Korsten, the article ‘Food sovereignty: shifting debates on democratic food governance‘ in the journal Food Security.

This article develops the concept of food sovereignty while it critically reflects on its present status and future trajectories. The concept of food sovereignty provides an alternative framework for solutions to the human and ecological consequences of industrial food systems. While the concept of food sovereignty gains traction at international levels, including at the United Nations, its lack of conceptual clarity contributes to a variety of often diverging interpretations. This frequently constrains practical implementation and weakens its potential as an alternative paradigm to food governance. At the same time, food sovereignty thought is shifting beyond its initial agrarian focus to embrace whole food systems, which includes the role of consumers and urban areas.

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‘St Gallen leader of tomorrow’, Koen Dekeyser, 04.05.2017

GovInn’s Research Fellow Koen Dekeyser got included into the St Gallen Leaders of Tomorrow community at the yearly St Gallen Symposium, Switzerland. Koen was selected through the Wings of Excellence Award, one of the most prestigious student essay competitions in the world, by his essay ‘Cultivating disruption: Redefining our food system through food sovereignty’. Other participants included Timothy Garton Ash, J. Erik Fyrwald, Griffiths of Fforestfach, and Alec Ross.

Koen joined the Leader of Tomorrow community in 2016 as well.


International seminar on Local Urban Food Policies in the Global Food Sovereignty Debate

Local Urban Food Policies in the Global Food Sovereignty Debate.jpg

On 11-12 June 2015, junior researcher Koen Dekeyser participated in an international seminar on Local Urban Food Policies in the Global Food Sovereignty debate, organised by the City of Gent in Belgium. The City of Ghent partnered with 12 European cities in the Food Smart Cities for Development project, financed by the European Union. The project aims at fostering the role of cities in changing urban food production and consumption patterns by promoting inclusive, resilient and fair local food systems.

The seminar brought together contributions and insights on local food systems from Belgium, Kenia, Italy, Sri Lanka, South-Africa, Central-America, UK, Colombia and Spain. The essays from the conference are bundled to give an overview of the participants’ various research trajectories in urban food policies and examples of already existing practices. Koen’s contribution was in the Governance of Local Urban Food Systems track titled ‘How can local food systems contribute to food sovereignty?’, written in collaboration with prof. Lise Korsten. Specifically the role of government in facilitating innovating local food participation was debated, together with discussions on local-global linkages and justice.




Koen Dekeyser

Koen Dekeyser joined GovInn as a Research Fellow in 2015. His work is focused on food governance and food systems.