From October 30 to November 3,  GovInn’s Senior Researcher Robin Bourgeois was in Lesotho to co-facilitate a “Lesotho Foresight and Scenario” workshop. This activity is part of the Lesotho Foresight and Scenario Project (LFSP), a collaborative project between the Government of Lesotho, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) and the United Nations Development Programme. The purpose of the workshop was to develop scenarios of Lesotho’s plausible futures and identifying pathways leading towards preferred futures. Around 50 participants from diverse sectors and institutions attended the three-day workshop. Robin supported Tanja Hichert in the implementation of the workshop program. Five scenarios have been designed and a related timeline of actions has been identified. Next steps will include finalization of the scenarios and dissemination. A full workshop report will be produced and made available by the end of November 2017. For more information contact Robin at