Prince - Zuma 702

Senior Researcher Prince Mashele on radio 702: “ANC and Zuma attempting to undermine Constitution”

This morning on radio 702, Senior Researcher Prince Mashele said that Jeremy Gauntlett’s concession in the Constitutional Court hearing against Zuma exposed attempts by the ANC and Zuma to undermine the Constitution. 702’s John Robbie spoke to Mashele as he delved into an analysis of the recent developments in the Nkandla saga.

In the end, something will bind… The core of our systems still works, but there are serious attempts by the ANC, and particulary Jacob Zuma to destory it.

Listen to the interview here.


Prince - Zuma 702

Prince – Zuma 702

‘Colonial legacy of mining pioneers poses a dilemma for South Africans’, The Conversation, 25.01.2016

In an article for The Conversation, GovInn Senior Researcher Prince Mashele discusses the linkages of the colonial exploitation of mineral resources and the changes it brought to South Africa, both for infrastructure and divided race relations.

The Randlords left behind them a big dilemma: contemporary South Africa is not sure whether to thank them for bringing civilisation, or to curse them for complicating future race relations.

Read more at The Conversation

Prince Mashele

Prince Mashele

Prince Mashele

Senior Research Fellow


Prince Mashele is  a Senior Research Fellow at GovInn. Previously he served as Executive Director of the Centre for Politics and Research. Mashele also lectured in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pretoria. He was also a political analyst for Nedbank Capital, until March 2015.

Mashele had a stint as a speechwriter in The Presidency under former President Thabo Mbeki. He is a prolific writer and commentator on diverse subjects related to his training as a political scientist. He is the author of The Death of our Society and co-author of The Fall of the ANC: What Next? The latter book was a best seller in South Africa in 2014. Mashele holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Rhodes University.


Research Interests

  • South African political economy
  • Dynamics of social change
  • Political philosophy



Prince has a column in the Sowetan newspaper: 


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