The Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation is looking for a communications manager to join the team on a two year contract. GovInn is looking for someone who will be responsible for:

  • Taking responsibility and the co-ordination of The Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation’s (GovInn) websites and social media networks;
  • The development and oversight of communication strategies for GovInn in line with the strategic objectives of GovInn, and in line with UP guidelines;
  • The co-ordination of the Centre’s team to ensure effective communication;
  • The management of media relations, both locally and internationally, as well as the proactive engagement with external communication agencies;
  • Performing the role of Managing Editor of GovInn’s chief publication, the international journal, Solutions, which includes both an online portal and a print-on-demand magazine;
  • Overseeing planning and publications on an annual and ad hoc basis;
  • Providing direction, input and technical advice with the regards to GovInn publications;
  • Co-ordinating GovInn’s public relations strategy;
  • Co-ordinating the key events organised by GovInn, especially the annual Governance Innovation Week and the various events held under the auspices of Solutions.


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