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BOOK: “Borders, Mobility, Regional Integration and Development”

In June 2020, GovInn Director Dr Chris Nshimbi and Dr Inocent Moyo from the University of Zululand, edited a volume titled “Borders, Mobility, Regional Integration and Development: Issues, Dynamics and Perspectives in West, Eastern and Southern Africa”.

This book examines social, economic and political issues in West, Eastern and Southern Africa in relation to borders, human mobility and regional integration. In the process, it highlights the innovative aspects of human agency on the African continent, and presents a range of empirical case studies that shed new light on Africa’s social, economic and political realities.

Further, the book explores cooperation between African nation-states, including their historical socioeconomic interconnections and governance of transboundary natural resources. Moreover, the book examines the relationship between the spatial mobility of borders and development, and the migration regimes of nation-states that share contiguous borders in different geographic territories. Further topics include the coloniality of borders, sociocultural and ethnic relations, and the impact of physical borders on human mobility and wellbeing.

Given its scope, the book represents a unique resource that offers readers a wealth of new insights into today’s Africa.

The book includes a chapter from GovInn masters student Prudence Nkomo.
For more information on the book, visit the Springer website.
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